The result of the Uruguay Round, SPS agreement, sets the basic rules for food safety as well as animal and plant health standards. It allows countries to set their own standards on the basis of scientific legislation. However, they should only be in effect to the extent necessary to protect human, animal or plant life or health. Moreover, they should not be discriminatory in a caprio-unjustifiable manner between countries with identical or similar conditions. The Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement (CTA) aims to ensure that rules, standards, testing and certification procedures do not create unnecessary barriers to trade. The most common complaints about SPS-TBT measures are that importing countries do not meet international standards. For example, in recent years, developed regions such as the United States and the EU have lowered the limits for pesticides in agriculture. This has had an impact on the export of Indian agricultural products such as basmatis tea and rice. Another common dissatisfaction is long-term delays in carrying out risk assessments or import authorization. I note that this meeting should address the difficulties of implementation by developing countries and the experience of their implementation by trading partners. It is also indicated that this meeting should look at the provisions of the S-D in specific agreements and not as a general theme. With regard to the difficulties of implementation by developing countries, my delegation has always stressed that there are three types of implementation problems: (a) inequalities and imbalances in existing agreements; (b) failure to realize the expected benefits of certain agreements; and (c) the non-binding and/or non-operational nature of the provisions of the S-D. However, no significant integration of India`s products of interest.

All articles that were referred to the last year of the expiry of the calendar (2005) developing countries, including India, submitted proposals to the WTO to include a new provision in the TRIPS agreement to prevent the theft of traditional knowledge such as Ayurvedic and naturopathy. It requested mandatory disclosure of the origin or origin of the biological resource, proof of prior informed consent, and distribution of benefits by filers before issuing a biopiracy verification patent to a company. The peace clause is a product of the Bali Summit. Article 13 of the AOA contains a “reserve” or “peace clause” that controls the application of other WTO agreements to subsidies.

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