The government calculates, on the basis of income information, the amount of family allowances to be paid. As a general rule, the SSC can only decide on custody of the children in simple cases where the table amount applies. It can only be used for certain special or exceptional expenses. And it doesn`t allow for retroactive child care. You should contact the men`s divorce lawyers at Cordell-Cordell for more information or to consult with other divorced fathers in our children`s aid forum. Divorce is never easy. There are many factors to consider and great changes to work. In addition, life is not the same when couples enter into a divorce contract. In these difficult times, some husbands and fathers will unintentionally do more harm to their own cases by not requesting that important agreements be recorded in writing. Oral agreements are particularly dangerous in this regard. Parties to a custody order are not encouraged to agree orally on changes to child custody. Even in the context of a verbal agreement, the beneficiary (the person receiving the family allowances) has the right to apply the existing court order and can do so through a petition requesting that the payer be detained in defiance of the court and pay interest for any underpayment. However, a written agreement may provide additional protection, unless the payer asks the court to amend the custody order itself and the custody obligation continues.

His argument can be a difficult sale to the judge, because even if you and your ex-wife have made an agreement on the side to reduce the amount of child care, the court cannot accept the agreement. Speaking of child care, oral agreements on child care attract a lot of attention. On the one hand, as parents, you always want to be able to take care of your children and give them the best life possible. On the other hand, you do not want to compromise your financial stability and go bankrupt. There are certainly pros and cons to this approach, and you should discuss what is the best option for you and your family before putting the pen on paper. If you already have a verbal agreement on child care and/or assistance (or in the middle of setting up a visit plan), contact us to see if child care is the right one for you. Similarly – a word of caution in the use of online models – they are often used in several states, so they can sometimes include conditions and conditions that are not applicable in North Carolina or that are opposed! So even if you don`t want to hire a lawyer to handle everything for you, you should definitely let an experienced family lawyer look into it before you finish it. An “informal agreement” on everything about children is a bad idea.

Imagine having an “informal agreement” with the hospital where your children were born – no need for a birth certificate, no need for hospital registration. Just take the word from the hospital for all the details.

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