What is the difference between a lease and a lease? c) A licensing agreement is easier to terminate than a lease. Licensing agreements can be entered into, leases are generally not concluded. A license is defined as the right to exercise legal occupation and activity on a property awarded by the licensee. The main test for distinguishing between leasing and licensing is that of sole ownership. In other words, if the property right created by the contract confers an exclusive right of ownership, such a contract is a lease; and if the document only grants the right to use the property in a certain way, the contract is a license. The 2016-17 economic report shows that migration has doubled and has been the highest in Delhi. 90 cities in India have a population growth rate of 3% or more. Rental housing has been an important component in urbanizing countries such as India, as it has allowed for greater labour mobility. With rising incomes, increasing exposure to global housing standards and characteristics, the frequent movement of people in cities for employment and education and the rising cost of real estate, the Indian rental consumer, which is also increasingly demanding in terms of good amenities and quality interiors, has increased.

Tenants are now willing to pay more in the categories of detached houses and even roommates. It is important to register your agreement if the deadline exceeds 11 months and to pay the necessary stamp duty and registration fees; Section 17 (d) of the Registration Act, 1908 warrants as well. It is advisable to obtain a leave and licence contract for the duration you wish to rent. Under existing rent laws, it is advisable not to reach a 33-month agreement. Therefore, a license does not create personal rights or personal obligations and creates only an explicit or tacit free right without giving interests to the licensee. You can use our online holiday and licensing services to easily enjoy the execution and registration of your holiday and home license agreement.

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