4) Availability of the property: If by fire, deed of nature, closure of our rental business for any reason or factors outside the owner`s control, the owner is not able to deliver the house to the tenant at the time of registration, sole tenant recourse is a full refund of the money paid to the owner within 30 days of notification of the landlord to the tenant. In this case, the landlord is not liable and is liable for damages or costs to the tenant or other parties. The owner is not responsible for the search or safeguarding of other accommodations, airfares, car rentals or other items or expenses. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance from a serious company. The judge also found that the board did not obtain a lease or licence for the landowner and then granted the applicant a lease or licence. The breakfast lease, he concluded, is not a grant from the Council to the applicant, but only an acknowledgement of the applicant`s obligation to pay for the accommodation made available to him by the owner of the land and the consequences that result from it. The Tribunal found that with respect to the introductory letter to the “manager” it had merely clarified the Board`s position. It could terminate at any time the agreement by which it paid the “agreed total cost.” Subsequently, the owner should look directly at the applicant for any additional payment, if he and his family allow him and his family to continue to occupy the rooms. Counsel for the Claimant filed the “Bed and Breakfast Agreement” was clearly a contractual document.

The second point, he said, was self-evident, and with respect to the third, he referred to the well-known passages of Street v Mountford [1985] AC 809, HL, lord Templeman said, at 817H-818D: “In the case of housing, there is no difficulty in deciding whether the subsidy can be paid to an individual squat at rent for an individual or tenant. The occupier is a tenant when the landlord provides a presence or services that require the lessor or his agents to exercise unlimited access to the premises and their use…. On the other hand, if residential construction is granted for an exclusive lease term, if the owner does not provide presence or service, is the subsidy a rental contract? “That was the reality, that`s what really happened. The owner had the choice of whether or not to accept the complainant`s family. The Commission sent an introductory letter to the applicant.

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