In accordance with the agreement, Australia announced amendments requiring New Zealand citizens who arrived after February 26, 2001 to obtain a permanent residence visa in order to obtain access to certain payments, including income assistance. Additional amendments also require that new Zealanders be allowed to reside permanently if they are eligible for Australian citizenship or if they wish to sponsor family members for a permanent stay. (id.; see also What Is an Eligible New Zealand Citizen, DIBP website (the last visit was on February 22, 2016); New Zealand Citizens Claiming Payments in Australia, Department of Human Services website (finally updated on January 25, 2016); Social Security Agreement Between Australia and New Zealand – Frequently Asked Questions, Department of Social Services website (updated March 24, 2015).) Due to rising wages and an increase in the Australian economy market, the vast majority of trans-Tasman migration from New Zealand to Australia takes place. [14] [15] Lawyers who have an up-to-date New Zealand certificate of practice – and their associates – cannot be admitted as New Zealand immigration advisors. But lawyers with a certificate of Australian practice can do so. It is important that New Zealanders who decide to live in Australia know their immigration status and what rights they have. Prior to 1973, neither New Zealand nor Australia exercised systematic control over immigration from the major Commonwealth countries (mainly the United Kingdom and Canada) and New Zealanders and Australians were therefore free to travel under informal agreements between the various countries. Unprotected CVS holders who have passed retirement age, do not receive a pension and have served the two-year waiting period for the newly arrived resident may be eligible for a Senior Commonwealth Health Card (HSC). The CSHC provides access to discounted drugs under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), transportation and other concessions, as well as the energy supplement worth $366.60 per year for singles and $275.60 per year for each pair (payable in quarterly instalments).

The CSHC is subject to an income test. Under Australia`s international social security agreement with New Zealand, New Zealand citizens living in Australia can apply for the Australian pension (if they are over 65), the disability pension (PSD) (if they are severely disabled) and the payment of care (if they apply for a partner on DSP), whether they have protected CVS or not. The residency requirements of the old age pension require a total period of time in Australia and/or during working age (working age residency refers to a stay of 20 to 65 years in New Zealand) of more than ten years.

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