WIDE BODY AIRCRAFT – ADDITIONAL PAY INCREASES Dear brothers and sisters, Menzies Aviation continues to expand its presence at YYZ and expand its aviation business in Canada. “I am very proud of the hard work, commitment and perseverance of the negotiating committee,” corrado said. “It wasn`t an easy task, and I can assure you that they spent many sleepless nights to reach this agreement.” Toronto, ON – Members of IAM Local Lodge 2413, employed by Menzies Aviation, have a new collective agreement with significant wage increases through a June 21, 2019 arbitration decision. The three-year contract offers our current MAI members salary increases of between 6.9 and 10.3 per cent in the first year and 1.25 per cent in 2 and 3 per cent respectively. Departure rates are now between $15.50 and $20.00 per hour. Other strengths of the agreement are: “The union has made significant progress that will absolutely increase the soil of IAM members at Menzies and significantly increase the land for pearson International Airport employees and beyond,” said Michael Corrado, President of IAM Transportation District Lodge 140. With a heavy heart, Sean`s family announces his sudden death in his home on Monday, October 23, 2017. Loving son of Sylvester and Lucy Goveas. Please note that Adjudicator McNamee has issued his award and a new 3-year collective agreement has therefore been implemented. Although the Union was not able to do everything it wanted, it made great progress that caused the IAMMembers to rise at Menzies and the […] On Monday 22 April 2019, the EU negotiating committee launched an arbitration procedure with the company to resolve outstanding issues at the negotiating table.

The parties began with opening statements to inform Adjudicator McNamee and counsel on the issues. “This is an important step because it provides substantial salary increases to our members who pay current fees and ensures that members have not paid otherwise because they serve WestJet or Sunwing. We have won our fight for equal pay and equal treatment, regardless of what happens to the impending reform of the Canadian Labour Code and the upcoming legislative elections,” said Mr. Corrado! Menzies recently took over the contract for the Sunwing aircraft service at Pearson. Dear brothers and sisters, the parties have agreed to William Kaplan to resolve the outstanding issues at the negotiating table. The 700 members include ramps, ramp lines, pocket agents, pocket ladders, LAV agents, TOW and PAX agents, PAX leads, maintenance and maintenance. IAM is Pearson International`s largest union and Canada`s largest airline union. Please note that your Union has requested arbitration to deal with outstanding issues at the negotiating table. This is done under section 5.02 of the collective agreement. . Dear brothers and sisters, as many of you know, the amount of EU fees deducted from your paychecks was not in field 44 of the 2017 T4 Slips.

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