In order for a landlord to pass on the water charges to the tenant, the residential property must be dosed separately, water efficiency measures must be respected and the fees must not exceed the amount payable by the owner (on the water supplier`s bill or other evidence). NSW Fair Trading is now authorized to resolve disputes between tenants and landlords over repairs and maintenance and property damage. These include the possibility of making rectification orders. The repair order procedure helps tenants and landlords resolve disputes over property repairs and damages in a lease agreement by working with Fair Trading. At the end of the lease, a tenant is responsible for leaving the property in the same condition as at the beginning of the lease, with the exception of fair wear and tear. This involves removing all amenities, supplements or renovations and repairing the damage to the accommodation. A tenant may choose to remove all “devices” he has installed, provided that he repairs or compensates the owner for the damage caused by the removal of the device. A tenant cannot remove the furniture if the owner has paid for it. Landlords cannot enter into a lease agreement unless they or their representative acknowledge in the lease agreement that the landlord has read and understood the owner`s statement of information.

Tenants should notify the landlord if a repair or replacement of a smoke alarm is required, including replacing a battery in a smoke detector. Go to the “Owner-Builder Authorization” page for the application form and the corresponding documents. Tenants must submit a notice of termination to the landlord and attach supporting documents. Admissible evidence includes an order for domestic violence, a certificate of conviction, a family omission order or a doctor`s statement. The new regulation also provides that a lessor may require that the following changes be made by a qualified person: during the lease, the lessor may be required to enter the premises for a specific reason. It is important that owners can only enter a number of circumstances. If the tenant agrees, the landlord can enter at any time. If the tenant disagrees, the landlord can only enter for certain reasons, such as an emergency or to make repairs.

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