89 When a communication on collective bargaining was made prior to the transformation, the Government of Canada recognizes that public service officers represent the interests of workers in collective bargaining and participate in the resolution of employment issues and disputes; 82 There is nothing in Section 81 prohibiting the separate new agency and the bargaining partner from amending a provision of a collective agreement, with the exception of a provision relating to its duration. 3. The procedure registered by the Board of Directors applies to the bargaining unit for the resolution of all disputes from the date on which a collective communication on the bargaining unit is issued after the choice of procedure and is applicable until the procedure changed in Section 104.b) If no collective agreement has been reached for the bargaining unit , 83 A workers` organization may apply to the Board of Directors for certification as a bargaining partner for workers who are bound by a collective agreement or arbitration award in force under Section 81, but who can only do so during the period during which a certification application may be made for these workers in accordance with Section 55. 2. The House may delay the processing of the application until it is satisfied that the employer and the negotiator have made every reasonable effort to reach an essential service agreement. (a) interpret and enforce Canadian Human Rights Act and all other employment acts of Parliament, with the exception of the provisions of the Canadian Human Rights Act relating to the right to equal pay for work of equal value, whether or not there is a conflict between the applicable law and interpretation and collective agreement, if any; Affiliate contributions for workers represented by a bargaining partner are the amounts that the employer must deduct from employees` wages and be transferred to the negotiator as part of a collective agreement between the employer and the negotiator. (union dues) The bargaining unit designates a group of two or more employees designated by the Board of Directors as a work unit suitable for collective agreements. (negotiation unit) 3. If the Chair believes that the creation of a public interest commission cannot assist them in reaching an agreement, the Chair must immediately inform the parties in writing that he will not recommend the creation of such a commission.

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