2. In this context, you can revoke the sale contract if the buyer does not purchase the property within the agreed time frame. 1. Send a legal opinion to the sale. Express your resignation or resentment of the contract and revoke the contract because of the breach of the terms of the contract. 4) You are free to execute a new contract with another buyer 1) the contract for consideration 1 to be paid is completely silent. If you have entered into a contract, you should respect what you have agreed, b) if the agreement is sufficiently stamped (in accordance with the Telangana stamp law) There is no question of the buyer`s role in the sales contract, there is a lag between the sales contract and the sales contract. in the sale agreement, the seller has the right to cancel the sale after informing the buyer that the buyer is not complying with the terms of the contract. if the price is paid in part, but the buyer has not paid the amount of the pension in the agreed period, then the seller can sell this property to any other buyer after informing the former buyer. well, you can sell this property to another buyer because you informed the buyer correctly.

If you have accepted his proposal to extend the deadline, you should revoke it by notification. It`s mandatory for you. An agreement reached without consideration is in fact undyed. What was the clause or terms of the agreement? 5. Don`t sell it to others without cancelling the contract beforehand. 2. The seller who does not have a copy of the agreement does not justify any right in your favour. 2. In your case, the agreement provides for the payment of the balance within 3 months, a condition that has been disgraced by the potential buyer.

1. The clause “The seller/owner is free to sell the calendar property to other people at any price and conditions and that the termination of that purchase agreement” does not express/irrefutably mean that such non-payment automatically terminates the aforementioned contract, the contract of sale mentioned may be cancelled without notice or by oral notification and not beyond. However, a buyer may withdraw, but the buyer is responsible for the wasted costs.

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