Section 4 of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 provides that EU rights and obligations that are not covered by Sections 2 and 3, including the directly effective rights contained in the EU treaties, are “saved”, i.e. recognised after the transposition period and are available in national law. In this section, the rights under the Ankara Agreement would be maintained as directly effective rights. 2.12: […] Until there is a change in UK legislation in certain areas, it is not expected that the repeal of these rights will […] Turkish nationals who carry out transactions or services just before the departure date can do so immediately after the departure date (provided they retain the right of residence). The dependencies of the British crown and the overseas territories have relations with the EU. These relationships mean that crown dependencies and overseas territories are part of the EU for specific purposes and benefit from some of its international agreements. As a general rule, EU legislation applies to Gibraltar to the same extent as the UK. Gibraltar is not part of the EU Customs Union, however, and the rules on the free movement of goods do not apply to it. The government advocates transparency in the mission of the European Union and ensures that businesses and citizens have the information they need to prepare for all scenarios.

As a result, these pages are regularly updated based on new information about all other agreements as they are advanced. For specific questions regarding certain international agreements, please contact the relevant government department in the list. The government has worked with non-EU countries to identify agreements that need action and have a mutual interest in changing agreements to prepare for our exit from the EU. The UK and Switzerland have signed a social security agreement that will come into force if the UK has not reached an agreement with the EU. It provides that the social security coordination rights (including mutual health care) of UK and Swiss nationals, as well as EU nationals who enter, travel or work in the UK or Switzerland, continue to be protected for a transitional period between the date of withdrawal until the end of December 2020. This will ensure social security after the day of release in a non-agreement scenario Yalcin said after the transition period, the UK is expected to set up a new point-based immigration system that would encourage talented and skilled migrants to enter the country from early 2021 and “our citizens will be able to apply for visas under the requirements of the new system”. Like aviation, trade, nuclear, environment, fishing and political agreements.

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