ASSIGNMENT and AMENDMENT AGREEMENT (`agreement`), dated March 20, 2008 and under the assignors on the summoner calendar (the assignors), ADH Ventures, LLC (the “agent”) and Analytical Surveys, Inc., a Colorado company (the “company”). This ASSIGNMENT AND AMENDMENT AGREEMENT (this agreement), which has since been in effect between Quest Resource Corporation (“QRC”), PostRock Energy Corporation (“PostRock”) and David Lawler (“Employee”), in effect at the conclusion of the agreement and proposed merger of July 2, 2009 between PostRock, QRC, Quest Midstream Partners, L.P., Quest Energy GP, LLC, , LLC and Quest Midstream Acquisition, LLC, as amended (the effective date) (the combined transactions, the “recombination”), is an amendment and assignment of this employment contract by and between QRC and Employee of April 10, 2007 and later (the “employment contract”). THIS ASSIGNMENT AND AMENDMENT AGREEMENT (this “attribution and modification”), dated July 18, 2003, is owned by CNX FUNDING CORPORATION (the “seller”), BEETHOVEN FUNDING CORPORATION (“Beethoven”), as agent, DRESDNER BANK AG, NEW YORK BRANCH (“Dresdner”), as Conduit Agent for Beethoven (the “Beethoven Conduit Agent”), MARKET STREET FUNDING CORPORATION (“Marktstrasse”), as an agent This transfer and amendment agreement (this “agreement”), dated to the aforementioned date (the “effective date”), is entered into by and between (i) Liberated Solutions, Inc., a Nevada company (“Liberated”); (ii) Ngen Technologies USA Corp, a Texan company (“Ngen”), (iii) Clifford Rhee (“Mr. Rhee”) and (iii) the counterparties presented on the signature pages (each a “Lender” and together the “lenders”). Each of Ngen, Liberated and each lender can be individually designated as “party” and collectively “party.” This consent to the transfer and amendment agreement (“Convention”) is given by and between ImageWare Systems, Inc.

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